Alan V. Goldman Pens the Wisdom of the Mountains

Ah, mountain of my dreams, will you spur me on to achieve the impossible… or will you deflate my aspiration of ever attaining the pristine quintessential model of this broken world.” – Alan V. Goldman, in Reflections on Mountaineering: A Journey through Life as Experienced in the Mountains.

With its vivid imagery, insightful symbolism, and piercing wit, Alan V. Goldman’s masterwork engrosses readers with its portrayal of fundamental truths emerging from his experiences in the mountains. Specifically, the Book is a collection of 45 narrative-style poems that express the poet’s most profound reflections about the meaning of life, and the nature of reality, that he accrued during his 30 years of climbing.

These poems capture universal truths as they progressively unfold specific truths about mountain climbing that are not ordinarily accessible by the general public. Though sometimes more extreme, the experiences the poet encountered in mountain climbing are strikingly relevant to readers who seek to contemplate the mysteries of life writ large.

Reflections on Mountaineering thus imparts a fresh perspective on the struggles we all face in dealing with “everyday” moral issues. Moreover, the poems convey how climbers forge relevant “human meaning” out of what otherwise would appear to be the wholly abstract and impersonal realities of the natural world. In this manner, the climber creates such meaning out of what would otherwise be sheer nothingness -- the ultimate “existential” act.

Dare to unlock the wisdom of the heights by opening your heart to the sagacious lines contained in the poet’s cycle of poems.

To see excerpts of Alan’s art, and obtain more information about the Book, please visit his website:

“Reflections on Mountaineering: A Journey through Life as Experienced in the Mountains” Written by Alan V. Goldman

Published by Outskirts Press Published Date: July 31, 2019

Paperback: $13.09 About the Author Alan V. Goldman is a graduate of The Horace Mann School, 1975; Harvard College, 1979; and Harvard Law School, 1982. In addition to his mountaineering adventures, he practiced law for many years and is now retired.

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